Trauner Fay Designs

Our Services

Trauner Fay Designs offers custom, comprehensive interior design services to commercial and residential clients for projects of all sizes and scope. Our services span all phases of design, from initial consultation to post-installment follow-up and care. These services include:

• Design Consultation.
Whether your building a new home from scratch, remodeling or just interested in redoing a bathroom, bedroom or other living space, Trauner Fay Designs can start with an initial Design Consultation. To us, that means listening and learning. We may start with some questions: What look and feel do you want, who will use the space and how it will be used, how do you like to live in your home, what’s your budget. Depending on your plans and needs, Trauner Fay Designs may make recommendations about the arrangement of furniture and other items, colors, furnishings or finishes, use of natural and artificial light, flooring, wallcovering, and window treatments.

Just as importantly, we at Trauner Fay Designs are trained to provide solutions for a range of functional and practical issues as well, such as effective use of space and organization, safety, health, security, accessibility, energy-efficiency and “green” products, acoustics and maintenance.

• Interior Architectural Detail.
Trauner Fay Designs can work directly with your architect and from your detailed building plans to customize your interior to fit your plans and your needs. Our staff is proficient in working with construction drawings and building plans to help with often overlooked items such as placement of electrical outlets to location/sizing of windows and doors.

• New Construction and/or Remodel Finish and Material Selection.
In addition to interior architectural details, Trauner Fay Designs works with clients to determine material selection and finishes for flooring, countertops, cabinetry, walls, ceiling, and everywhere else in a residence that requires material overlay. Trauner Fay will recommend materials and finishes that meet a room’s specific purpose and design criteria.

• Space Planning.
Space Planning is a process that is often overlooked by less experienced design firms. Trauner Fay Designs offers comprehensive space planning services, including blocking-out interior spatial areas, defining circulation patterns, and developing plans and layouts for furniture and equipment placement. Our staff is certified in the use of computer-based AutoCAD to ensure everything fits where it should.

• Custom Furnishings.
Trauner Fay Designs specializes in identifying and procuring custom furnishings that perfectly fit our clients’ needs. This includes sofas, love seat, tables, chairs of all types, carpeting and floor coverings, bedding, lighting, window treatments and outdoor furnishings. We gladly work with any budget, from choosing a starter home sofa to spec’ing one-of-a-kind, custom-made furnishing for your high-end dream home.

• Commercial Interior Design.
Trauner Fay Designs has a depth of experience in commercial interior design.  We have worked with family-style and high-end restaurants, mid-range and high-end lodging and multiple working office environments, including banks and business office space.

• Logistical Support.
Even the best design choices mean nothing if an interior design firm can’t follow through on all the things necessary to turn beautiful design into reality in your home or office. Trauner Fay Designs excels at managing all the “hidden” tasks to bring your project to fruition on-time and on-budget. From ordering to shipping to storage, installation and vendor management (dealing with returns, wrong items, damaged goods and all the other issues that can occur), Trauner Fay Designs is “on it” so you don’t have to worry.

• Post–Installment Client Service.
Much like logistical support, Post-Installment Service is an area often neglected by interior design firms who, once “finished” with a project, move on to other ventures. Trauner Fay Designs prides itself on doing whatever is required to ensure our clients’ satisfaction. We are always available for clients in the event they need post-install service, including returns, quality concerns, or simply have a desire to change out a specific furnishing due to a change in taste or need.